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Brooks Wants You to Test Its New Helmets—Responsibly, Thank You Very Much


The storied British cycling brand famous for its saddles is moving a ways up the body with its newest product release, a line of bike helmets. The post Brooks Wants You to Test Its New Helmets—Responsibly, Thank You Very Much appeared first on WIRED.

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AsiaRFID Said RFID Tags Help The Retail Industry To Fight Back Against Theft

RFID Tags have become an important tool for retail outlets to safeguard their stock and fight back against the growing increase in theft.   Each year the retail industry lose more than $60 billion due to shrinkage, that loss is forcing products to become more expensive and is even costing people jobs to cover the losses. AsiaRFID, the manufacturer of …

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Kitchen Power Launches A New And Improved Stainless Steel Can Opener


  Kitchen Power Manual Food Safe Stainless Steel Can Opener with Ergonomic NonSlip Handle Sharp Cutting Wheel for Smooth Edges-Portable Lid Lifter   After more than 150 years since the first can opener was invented by Ezra J. Warner in 1858, a new and improved version has been launched by Kitchen Power. The new can opener provides a revolutionizing way …

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Buy Traffic Explains the Importance of Purchasing Targeted Web Traffic for Successful Marketing Campaigns

The social media marketing and website traffic management company has announced web and social media traffic is now available at a discounted price. Buy Traffic (, a targeted website traffic marketing company who helps website owners increase traffic to their websites and social media accounts has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of increasing traffic for a successful marketing …

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